Campbell Research’s Privacy Policy is available to clients and research respondents through the company website.
A core element of Campbell Research’s work culture is respect for the people with whom we conduct research. Privacy safeguards are not considered an administrative burden. Privacy codes and safeguards are fundamental to the ability of our research team to deliver the quality of work Campbell Research is committed to.
Campbell Research is committed to high quality research and we carry this out by interviewing consumers, businesses, employees, and key decision makers using telephone, face-to-face, mail and on-line surveys. Campbell Research also conducts qualitative research using focus groups, in-depth interviews and forums. In order to do our work we collect personal information about individuals who participate in our research.
The confidentiality of our participants and confidentiality of data are central to the way we conduct research. Our research involves collecting personal information including opinions, views and experiences. Campbell Research does not disclose any information that could identify the individual. Research reports to our clients provide aggregated, de-identified information such as percentages of surveys or the range of views expressed in the groups we consulted.
Our continued success depends on ensuring the confidentiality of all participant responses.  CR&C works within the National Privacy Principles.  CR&C’s approach to privacy is informed by the Market and Social Research Privacy Code developed by the Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO).

What is the Market and Social Research Privacy Code?

The Market and Social Research Privacy Code is a further development of the National Privacy Principles (Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2001) which was tailored to meet the needs of the research industry. The Code has been approved by the Commonwealth Privacy Commissioner as being equivalent to the National Privacy Principles. It governs the collection, retention, use, disclosure and transfer of personal information about participants in market and social research. The Code can be accessed on AMSRO's website:

What are our main safeguards for collecting data?

Campbell Research designs research so that participation is voluntary and participants are informed of the general purpose of the research. When research investigates awareness of particular products, this information may not be provided until the end of the interview.
We inform all participants that they do not have to discuss any information that they find sensitive or delicate. While it is necessary to contact individuals for surveys, our reports do not identify individuals or individual organisations. Individuals are only identified with their informed consent or by request of the participant.
Identifying information is used only when it is essential for research purposes. Any data that has the potential to identify participants (for example, name, address, telephone number) is kept separate from the information collected from interviews. Contact information is destroyed on completion of the project. Where it may be necessary to contact a research participant once the study is over, the reason for this is explained as part of our consent process.
If at any time a participant asks for identifying information to be removed we comply with their request.

Is there special protection for collecting health information?

CR&C have worked in the health sector for many years and we understand the sensitivities and confidentiality requirements which need to be abided in relation to health information. We abide by AMSRO’s Market and Social Research Privacy Code which encompasses the Commonwealth Privacy legislation and comply with relevant state legislation such as the VicHealth Records Act. AMSRO's Market and Social Research Privacy Code and Commonwealth and State legislation clearly state the rules and regulations for collecting, using and transferring different types of health-related data.
We also work with a variety of different health or medical organisations (including Ethics Committees) as appropriate to comply with any additional obligations regarding professional confidentiality, particularly regarding research conducted among communities.

Do we sell contact lists?

No. Campbell Research is not a sales or marketing company, we are a research company. Campbell Research abides by AMSRO's Market and Social Research Privacy Code regarding the transfer and disclosure of information. Where research requires the use of a third party database that identifies individuals, Campbell Research ensures that the collection and transfer of this database complies with the AMRO Market and Social Research Privacy Code. Campbell Research will not transfer information to third parties other than where we are required to by law or someone's personal safety is at risk.

How do we secure our data?

Campbell Research complies with industry standards of maintaining the safety and security of participant data. These standards involve the use of secure physical storage systems and the operation of computer software that controls access to and interpretation of stored information. In addition to physical systems, our staff and associates are also subject to confidentiality agreements (both now and in the future) about the work they undertake for the company.

Can I have access to my data?

If any individual is concerned about identifying information held by Campbell Research, access to personal data on file will almost always be granted subject to appropriate proof of identification. In these cases we declare the nature and purpose of the information as well as the procedure for data collection, storage, transfer and destruction.
The only situations in which access will not be granted are in cases where the privacy of other individuals is compromised, or where there are legal reasons restricting access. In these situations, we would always ensure the participant was aware of any reason for the restriction of access and refer the participant to another individual or organisation who may be able to assist the individual with their enquiries or concerns.
In accord with the AMRO Market and Social Research Privacy Code, Campbell Research reserves the right to impose a reasonable data collection fee for any information requested.

What if I have a complaint or inquiry?

To inquire further about our Privacy Policy, lodge a complaint, or obtain a copy of AMSRO's Market and Social Research Privacy Code or this Privacy Policy, please email us: