Reference Ranges for Quality Indicators

As part of the Beyond Quality Strategy, the Aged Care Quality Unit within the Victorian Department of Health developed Quality Indicators to monitor quality in Public Sector Residential Aged Care Services (PSRACS) in Victoria.  CR&C was engaged to develop reference ranges bounded by aspirational goals and a level that suggests a service closely review quality processes.  The reference ranges and Quality Control Charts for reporting quality outcomes are included in the report.

Residential Medication Management Reviews (RMMRs)

RMMRs are conducted by an accredited pharmacist in collaboration with a GP.  They entail a review of the medications taken by residents of an accredited aged care home.  CR&C conducted an evaluation of the RMMR program as it was delivered under the Fourth Community Pharmacy Agreement.  The evaluation includes a literature review, stakeholder consultations, site visits and case studies, surveys of accredited pharmacists, GPs and Aged Care Homes, analysis of de-identified Medicare data and a cost effective analysis.
The evaluation report can be accessed at the Department of Health and Ageing website:

Final Report

Appendix A: Methodology

Appendix B: Call for submissions

Appendix C: Case studies

Appendix D: Surveys of accredited pharmacists, general practitioners and aged care homes

Appendix E: Analysis of de-identified Medicare data

Appendix F: Cost effectiveness analysis