CR&C offers a unique advantage to our clients: integration of rigorous social research techniques with expertise in the evaluation of programs, policy and legislation. We offer the capacity to undertake efficient social research processes that are informed by our understanding of policy and evaluation issues.

Specific areas of expertise

Our research and evaluation work covers many fields, our core business is the impact of government regulation.

  • Performance indicators
  • Capacity building programs
  • Workforce
  • Safety & quality in health care
  • Patient satisfaction
Food Safety

  • Food safety policy & regulation
  • Food handling in businesses
  • Food handling in the home

  • Effectiveness of employment programs
  • Safety culture in the workplace
  • Workers compensation
  • OH&S management

Our approach to research & evaluation

As specialists in research design, we do not sell particular research methods. CR&C’s strength lies in our proven ability to tailor the optimal methods for each specific assignment. The majority of our projects integrate several methods (now recognised as "mixed methods") to deliver the information and recommendations which meet our client’s needs.

  Some of the core methodologies that we employ in our research and evaluations are: 

  • Telephone surveys (CATI)
  • Online surveys
  • E-mail surveys
  • Postal surveys
  • Face-to-face surveys
  • Reviews of existing data
  • Focus-groups
  • Depth interviews
  • In situ observations
  • Workshops & Forums
  • Calls for submission
  • Cognitive clinics
  • Computer clinics
  • Case studies
Desk Research
  • Literature Reviews
  • Document Reviews
  • Consultations
  • Meta-evaluation
  • Financial review
  • Legislation & policy analysis